Opens up on a video game store.
Conor You know, when I was on tour, new games were just sent to me. This is the first time I've actually had to wait in line. I feel so...common.
Wendell Lines are awesome. They give you a chance to mix it up and make new friends. Keep it movin', dweebs! You wanna be here all night? (To Conor) See?
Franklin I heard Psycho Zombie Bloodbath is the scariest game ever made. You know it's based on real events?
Conor It's about time-traveling zombies that eat people's butts off. Of course it's based on real events.
Ashley Guys. Thanks for saving my spot.
Wendell No problem. Cutter! Cutter! We got a cutter!
Ashley So, guess who's the new captain of the volleyball team.
Franklin It's gotta be Grace Tobin. She's a little ball of hustle.
Wendell Emma Wheeler's really popular though.
Conor Guys, guys. Come on. The answer is right in front of you. Lily Atkins is a born leader.
Franklin That's the best choice.
Ashley It's me!
Conor Of course.
Franklin Who else would it be?
Wendell Emma Wheeler got hosed.
Conor Oh. Here we go, here we go. (To Chad) Hey, Chad. Could we get one copy of Psycho Zombie Bloodbath, please?
Chad Absolutely. If you were in a time machine set to two minutes ago. (Laughs) The International Gaming Committee just banned it for being TSFA.
Ashley TSFA?
Chad Too scary for anyone. Uh, doy. They're taking it off the market and we're required to send our shipment back to Japan.
Wendell Well, TRSC: this really stinks, Chad.
Conor Come on, man. Just sell us one. They're-they're sitting right there.
Chad Game Pit code of conduct has two rules. One; never sell a recalled game. Two; do not fraternize with the girls from Sausage on a Stick, no matter how much you desire the girl and/or the sausage.
Wendell Hey, Chad. That sausage girl's checkin' you out.
Chad Really? Time for my lip lube.
Wendell I'm getting that game. (Bumps into the door, which knocks him over onto the floor)
Achievement "Doored and Floored!" appears.
Conor CLTD; Chad locked the door. Uh, doy.
Opening theme plays. Cut to Conor's video called "How To Get Ahold Of A BANNED Game."
Conor All right, gamers. Today, I'm gonna teach you how to get ahold of a banned game. And why would you want one? Because it's banned! That's why I was so excited when I got my hands on the game Zoo Party before they yanked it off the shelves. You wouldn't believe what the elephant does with his peanut on level three.
Cut to Conor playing Zoo Party, elephant trumpets.
Conor Oh! (Cut back to the main video) Anyway, sometimes it takes more strategy to get your hands on a game than it takes to actually play it. That's why I put my best guys on it.
Cut to the gaming store. Franklin knocks on the door.
Franklin Hello there, fellow adult.
Chad And you are?
Franklin We're the delivery men, here to pick up that recalled game. And can you make it snappy? The wife's bustin' my chops about bein' late for dinna'.
Wendell Wife? You didn't tell me we were doing wives.
Franklin I just made it up so he thinks we're adults.
Wendell Well, I got three wives, and all of them let me kiss 'em. (Chad takes off his mustache.) Huh. Nice call. Wife number two hated that mustache. She said it tickled her hot face when we kissed so much.
Chad Sorry, try-hards. I'm not buyin' it.
Wendell Way to go, Franklin. Your bad acting ruined this.
Franklin Me? You're the one that went rogue with your three wives.
Wendell Hey. Leave them out of this. You'll never understand the love I share with Debbie, Taylor, and Wendella.
Cut to Wendell and Franklin planning how they're going to get the banned game.
Wendell So, then, I'll rappel down from the roof, kick open the air vent, climb inside and shimmy my way into the Game Pit.
Franklin Those vents are, like, a foot wide. How you gonna squeeze through there?
Wendell The same way the Navy SEALS do it. You're gonna butter up my hips.
Franklin Why do all your plans involve someone buttering up your hips?
Wendell 'Cause it works.
Conor Guys! I got Psycho Zombie Bloodbath!
Franklin No way. How'd you get it?
Conor I found an exclusive underground auction site, and for only two hundred bucks, I got us a copy of...Shania Twain's Christmas in Hawaii.
Achievement unlocked: Scammed!
Franklin This cost you two hundred bucks? Score!
Conor Well, that is the last time I'm shopping at a website called "Happy Fun Time Not a Scam."
Wendell Don't worry, Conor. I've got a foolproof plan.
Conor No one's rubbing butter on your hips.
Wendell Oh, come on!
Cut to the Billy the Squid restaurant.