Opens up on Mondale High.
Conor "Never let your spirit hide. Come on, show our Rooster pride?" Yeah. I'll get right on that. (Starts walking)
Nordahl Freeze it right there. Do I spot a Rooster not wearing school colors during Spirit Week?! You wanna see some school spirit?
Conor Not really.
Nordahl Super. Take a look at this. (Hands the microphone to Conor, then does a few handstands) Whoo! Haha! Now that' spirit.
Cut to Conor's video titled "How To Survive Spirit Week."
Conor Gamers, you may be wondering how to survive Spirit Week. First of all, figure out which group you belong to. Those who aren't into it, (An arrow points at him) or those who are way too into it.
Cut to the school, an arrow points at Franklin.
Franklin I accept your nomination as spirit master. And you have my word. I will keep our Spirit Egg safe! (Opens the curtain to reveal the Spirit Egg)
Kids cheer.
Conor Yeah, you will! You're the man, Franklin! You can do it! Haha! I'm sorry, why does the school have an egg?
Ashley The egg is a majestic emblem of our school spirit. It represents the triumphant birth of our mascot, the indomitable rooster.
Conor That was beautiful, Ashley. You really gave that a lot of thought.
Ashley No. I was just reading (Points) those wall words over there.
Camera cuts over to the words on the wall.
Wendell That egg is just a dumb piece of junk that gets stolen every year by those delinquents from Mudd Valley High.
Franklin Thank you for this great honor. I, Franklin P. Delgado, solemnly swear to you, my fellow brother cluckers, that this will be the best Spirit Week ever!
Students cluck.
Wendell It is so lame to be into stuff.
Ashley Franklin's our friend. It doesn't matter what he's into, we just have to support him. (To Franklin:) I got your back, Franklin.
Franklin I officially name Ashley as my vice-spirit master!
Ashley I'm gonna punch you in the back, Franklin! (Tries to do so but gets stopped by Conor and Wendell)
Opening theme plays.
Cut to Franklin talking to Conor and Wendell.
Franklin Now, as my official egg security deputies, the entire safety of the egg is in your hands. (Snaps at Conor) Pop quiz, hot shots! What's the primary duty of your egg watching?
Conor watch the egg?
Franklin Nice. Very nice, very nice. (Walks to box) Now, everything you need to protect the egg is in this box. You got your pepper spray. (Sprays his eyes with it) OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWW! You got your Taser. (Gets stunned) I'm startin' to have second thoughts about showing you the hand grenade. So, let's, uh. Let's just use a whistle. (Hands whistle to Conor) Don't take your eyes off the egg. I'll be back in an hour. (Walks away)
Conor World of Warlocks?
Wendell World of Warlocks.
Conor and Wendell start gaming.
Wendell Franklin's going to owe us big time for helping 'im out like this.
The egg gets snatched in the background.
Conor You have to admit it. We're pretty great friends.
Cut to Billy the Squid.
Franklin (To Ashley) Howdy, vice-spirit master.
Ashley I've already cut two barrels of confetti. Can't we just buy the rest?!
Franklin There's no spirit in pre-ready confetti. You can finish that later. Right now, I want you to watch my egg dance.
Ashley Your "egg dance?"
Franklin That's right. At the pep rally, I'm gonna treat the school to a dance that symbolically represents the rooster's emergence from the mighty egg. (Turns on music, then starts to do egg dance, then Ashley turns off the music) So, there's another eighteen minutes of that before the first intermission. Do you like it, or do you love it?
Ashley (Gets out of seat) I'm going to need a third option.
Franklin I'm sorry. Did you take three weeks of lessons at the Reno Airport Interpretive Dance Academy?
Ashley Well, no. But I have a little bit...
Franklin But, but, but, but, but, but. I don't listen to amateurs. Now, soak in my finale. (Turns on music) I call it...Rooster Takes Flight. (Starts doing the dance, but then crashes into something)
Ashley You know roosters can't really fly.
Franklin I know it now.
Cut to the school. Conor and Wendell are playing their game.
Conor Well, you might not wanna go in that cave. I got a dragon in there that will melt your face off.
Wendell Right. Like you've already spawned a...
Dragon roars.
Wendell Dang it! You've already spawned a dragon!
Franklin No, no, no! What happened?!
Wendell I'll tell you what happened. This bus waxer's got dragons all over the place.
Franklin Not that! The Spirit Egg! It's gone!
Wendell (Gasps) The egg's gone! Well, I guess we can go to lunch.
Conor No! Not yet! (Blows whistle) Now, we can go to lunch.
Franklin You guys were supposed to protect that egg from those troubled youths at Mudd Valley, and you blew it because you were distracted playing video games!
Conor Uh, you don't know that. It could've happened when we left to get chili dogs.
Wendell Or, when we checked out cheerleader practice.
Conor Or, when we watched those ducks fight over that french fry.
Wendell That was awesome. His beak was...
Franklin Enough!!! I promised the whole school this wouldn't happen on my watch!
Wendell Hey. Ducks fight! It's just what they do.
Conor Okay, look, I know this means a lot to you, so here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna sneak into Mudd Valley and get our Spirit Egg back.
Franklin Thank you, sir. But, you're not afraid? The last guy went over there and came back without his... (Whispers to Conor)
Conor Eyebrows?! What kind of monster would take a kid's eyebrows?! Oh, that's sick, man. Just sick!
Wendell And, while you guys go over there and get beat up, I'm gonna slip into the janitor's van and take a nap. (Gets grabbed by Conor)
Conor Let's go, you.
Wendell Fine, but if I don't get my nap, I will get cranky!
Cut back to Mondale High with Franklin alone talking to students.
Franklin Nothing to see here. As promised, the Spirit Egg is perfectly safe and sound. Why wouldn't it be? (Giggling nervously:) Hahahahahahahahaha!
Ashley (From under the red curtain) Hey. How long do I gotta stay under here? I have to stretch my leg!
Franklin You're not stretching anything. Now, pipe down, you dumb egg.
Stu Uh. I told my girlfriend Tammy she could see that egg. Let's see the egg, man.
Franklin I'm sorry, but you can tell the lovely can tell Tammy...that she can see the egg at the prep rally along with everyone else.
Stu That egg's lumpy.
Ashley You're lumpy.
Stu Whoa. Who said that?
Franklin Well, since eggs can't talk, I did. I'm a ventriloquist.
Stu Cool. I'm a Sagittarius.
Cut over to Mudd Valley where Conor and Wendell are searching for the egg.
Conor Okay. We searched the rest of the school. The egg's gotta be in here. (Searches in three places, where a caption appears saying "PROBABILITY: LOW", discovers a closet, the caption onscreen says "PROBABILITY: HIGH") It's gotta be in that utility closet.
Wendell We're goin' in.
Conor Uhh... what's the point of wearin' that thing? They can still see your face.
Wendell When you've been blessed with this, you don't cover it up.
Conor Game on.
Conor takes out a few Mudd Valley students in the room. Wendell takes out one.
Wendell Rekt! (Throws a smoke bomb)
Conor takes out another student. Wendell bangs against the closet door, but it doesn't open. Conor opens it. In the room, they do a quick search for the egg.
Wendell Great. There's no egg. What do we do now?!
Conor I'll tell you what we're gonna do. (Points to statue) We're gonna take that statue of their school founder. We'll use it as leverage to get our egg back!
Wendell Or, we could mouth-kiss some of their chicks and get a burrito.
Conor You seriously think that's an option?
Wendell When you've been blessed with this, everything's an option.
Cut to the school.
Students (Chanting) Egg! Egg! Egg! Egg! Egg! Egg! Egg! Egg! Egg! Egg!
The rooster jumps off a mat.
Franklin Well, you'll get to see that egg, because it's definitely not a stack of backpacks under this tarp.
Students Egg! Egg! Egg! Egg! Egg! Egg! Egg! Egg! Egg! Egg! Egg! Egg! Egg! Egg! Egg! Egg! Egg! Egg! Egg! Egg!
Franklin What's that you want? Egg dance! Egg dance! Egg dance! You've got it! (Turns on music and starts dancing, then falls over) Ow! My ankle!
Stu My spirit's waning.
Ashley (To Franklin) Are you okay?
Franklin I may have broken my ankle. But the real I've broken the hearts of my fans! Now, there's no one left to entertain this croud!
Upbeat music starts playing and Ashley starts dancing, but accidentally starts moving the curtain with her feet.
The Spirit Egg is revealed.
Franklin/Ashley The Spirit Egg?!
Nordahl picks up the egg.

  All hail the rooster
  The mighty rooster


  Here comes the rooster,
  Here comes the rooster


  All hail the rooster

Stu My spirit's soaring.

  Here comes the rooster,
  Here comes the rooster

Cut to Mudd Valley.
Wendell This Abner Mudd guy was pretty cool.
Conor Why? Because he founded a school?
Wendell No. Because he invented mud. Read a book, dude.
Wendell starts walking away when his cellphone ring tone plays.
Wendell (Turns on phone) It's Franklin.
Franklin (On phone) So! Good news! We found the egg! (Scene shifts to Mondale High) Decorating commitee had it the whole time. And they did a beautiful job. Haha! Hello?
Conor (Starts running to the shelf with the statue) Put it back! Put it back! Put it back!
Wendell Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. First, I wanna take a selfie of Abner kissin' my butt.
The statue falls over and breaks into pieces.
Boy What was that?
Wendell Dude. You busted the Mudd bust.
The segment ends. Cut to Mudd Valley, all the Mudd Valley students are now angry.
Girl Look what they did to him, man. Abner Mudd was the greatest dude who ever lived. You know he invented mud?
Uhh...yeah. He also played a pretty huge role in the creation of sludge. Whoever did this is gonna pay.
Wendell Oh, man. Those guys are really mad.
Conor Okay, relax. They don't know who did it.
Boy I know who did this. It was those untroubled youths at Mondale High.
Girl And, after we decided to do the right thing and not steal their stupid Spirit Egg this year!
Boy Let's search every inch of this place, find those kids, and start takin' eyebrows!
Mudd Valley students start cheering.
Wendell What are we gonna do? These guys are delinquents. Juvies. Bad boys.
Conor Everything you pretend to be.
Wendell Exactly! We're gonna stick up like a sore thumb around here. We're just a pair of lovable scamps.
Conor Maybe we can change that.
Conor and Wendell walk into a room in the Mudd Valley school where all the Mudd Valley students are.
Conor 'Sup, playas? Ain't no Mondale dudes in that closet.
Wendell Yeah, we looked all up in that house. Ain't no creatures stirring. Not even a mouse.
Conor Peace out, girl scout. (Him and Wendell start walking away.)
Girl Hold up. Who are you guys?
Conor Uhh... I'm Con Job, and this is.........What-what.
Boy What?
Wendell No. What-what.
Girl How come we've never seen you before?
Conor We're new. And, we just got bounced from our last school for stealin' the teacher's lunch.
Boy That doesn't sound so tough.
Conor It was still in her mouth.
Girl Oooh!
Boy You guys are all right. So tell me, what do you think we should do when we find these Mondale kids?
Conor Oh, ho-ho-ho-ho! You know what would really tick 'em off? We go over there, break into their gaming club, and leave a big steamin' pile of fresh baked cookies!
Wendell Fresh baked!
Conor But with nuts.
Boy Oh, that's good. Kids hate nuts. That's what I'm talkin' about, Con Job. You the man.
Girl Yeah, he is. I kinda just wanna mouth-kiss him and get a burrito.
Wendell Wait a minute. He's the man?
Girl Yeah.
Wendell No-ho-ho-ho. I'm the man. You've gone soft, Con Job. If that is your real name. (To the girl) They busted up Abner! Now, I say we go over to Mondale High right now and smash their beloved Spirit Egg to pieces! Who's with me?!
Conor What the what, What-what?
Cut to Mondale High.
Franklin We will now conclude the traditional kissing of the egg. Hurry up, Stu.
Stu kisses the egg. Tammy walks away.
Stu It didn't mean anything, Tammy.
Franklin Well...I nailed it as spirit master. With me around, no one's gonna smash that egg.
Boy Smash that egg.
Conor (To Wendell) Do you realize what you've done?
Wendell Sorry. I got caught up in the moment. Now, What-what has a mind of his own. But I'll fix this. (To Mudd Valley students) Guys, I want to say something: smash the egg!
Mudd Valley students Yeah!
Boy Know what, What-what? Why don't you take first crack?
Franklin What-what? What's goin' on here?
Conor Uh, you know. We're just a couple of troubled Mudd Valley students, actin' all...troubled.
Girl And right now, we're gonna smash your stupid egg. Do it!
Franklin No! Not the egg!
Boy Back off, little guy.
Conor You know. We could smash the egg, and that'd show how tough we are.
Girl Yeah!
Conor But sometimes, the toughest thing for a tough kid to forgive. Wasn't it Abner Mudd himself who once said, "Remittendi nunquam iniuriam?" Or somethin'?
Boy Forgiveness is never wrong.
Girl Abner said that junk all the time.
Ashley Great speech, Con Job. I just wish my friend Conor could've heard it.
Stu (To Conor and Wendell) Hey, you're the only Mondale students who haven't kissed the egg. Yeah, go kiss the egg, man.
Girl You guys are Mondale students?
Wendell No, we're not. We're...Con What and What-job.
Boy You're the ones who smashed our statue.
Conor Okay, we accidentally smashed your statue, and we're sorry. But you're on Rooster turf now. And the thing about Roosters is, we stick together. So if you want us, you're gonna have to deal with with all of...
Conor is alone.
Conor I'm alone right now, aren't I?
Boy Yup. Get 'im! (Pointing to Wendell) And him.
Conor Not the eyebrows!
Cut to Conor's video, "Spirit Week Is The Worst."
Conor I hate Spirit Week. You know why? (Points to his head, his eyebrows are missing.) I can give you two reasons! (Puts on fake eyebrows) These look natural, right? Stupid Spirit Week.
Cut back to Mondale High.
Franklin Whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you doing? You have to be careful with this egg. It must be handled with the utmost respect. (Places the egg down)
Ashley Uh, I wouldn't put it there.
Franklin What do you know about egg placement? This is exactly where it should go.
Stu accidentally knocks over the egg which cracks is open.
Stu Whoa. Your egg's broken.
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