Eat a bag of rocks!
— Wendell, Catchphrase
Wendell Ruckus
Wendell promotional
Full Name Wendell Ruckus
Nickname(s) sNiTcHbLaSta (gamertag)
Ginger Buns (high score in Dragon Hero)
Gender Male
Date of Birth
Age 15-16 (Season 1)
Occupation Student
Resides in
School Mondale High School
Affiliations Gaming
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde-Dark Brown
Parents Unnamed Mother and Unnamed Father
Grandparents Unnamed grandmother
Siblings Dwayne Ruckus (cousin)
Unnamed Sisters
Friends Conor
Franklin Delgado
Ashley Parker
Romances Lika (ex-girlfriend)
Miss Dumpler (former/current crush)
Zoe (ex-girlfriend) Ashley Parker (one date)
Enemies Marion Spanks
Janice McManiss
First Episode "Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything"
Last episode "The Big City"
Portrayed by Murray Rundus

Wendell Ruckus, referred to as sNiTcHbLaStA in gamertag and Ginger Buns for the high score in Dragon Hero, is a main character in Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything.

He is portrayed by Murray Rundus.


Wendell is a pretty tough guy who started off hating Conor, but once he got to know him better they became friends. Wendell is also a great gamer. He picks on Franklin quite frequently.

Personal Appearance

Wendell is above average height, husky and rather large, a bit ungainly, and physically mature for his age. He is built like a football lineman, which helps him in his hobby of randomly tackling people in the hallway of his school. He has short, light brown hair and blue eyes. He is fond of wearing ripped jeans with a chain attached to his belt, flannel shirts and black combat boots.


Season 1

In Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything, Conor met with Wendell, Ashley, and Franklin and formed a gaming team.

In The Gaming Club, Wendell forgot to return a book he had checked out in first grade, titled Worm with a Perm. He snuck in the library as "Night Wolf" and returned the book, but when his friends tell him about the new bar code format, he taped a bar code on the book. Janice found out though, and demands Wendell to pay a fine of $7,321. When Wendell read the fine print, he found out, for an overdue book, it's borrower's choice to either pay the fine or pay for a new book, so he then asks what another copy of Worm with a Perm would cost, being $3.25.


  • Wendell goes potty in a litter box, as revealed in "The Puddin' Party", and always has, due to having just one bathroom and 4 sisters.
  • All of his plans involve someone buttering up his hips.
  • Wendell gets cranky when he skips his nap.
  • Wendell breeds and raises ferrets.
  • Wendell doesn't want to go to Mudd Valley High, even though he tried to take their (with Conor) trophy.


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