Whoopsie! is a board and video game seen in the episode, "The Chair." It is one of the fictional games in the series. It was played briefly while Conor's team was waiting the time out without gaming. Since the team cannot play electronic video games or else they would lose any chance at getting the chair, they decided to play a board game, called "Whoopsie!." At the end of the episode, it is found out that Funtendo has made a video game version of the same game, making the game more fun, which Conor's team is seen playing in the end. Whoopsie! uses the same board as Candy Land.


Similar to Candy Land, a player picks a card out of the stack and moves the die. If they pick a Whoopsie! card, they have to say "Whoopsie!" for the amount of times the card says and move back a few spaces, or else they end up in the "uh-oh" pit.